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Conservation Northwest 2018 Auction Video

It was a pleasure as usual to collaborate with Conservation Northwest on their 2018 auction video--the 5th consecutive year.  Picking up where Cascade Crossroads left off, you can see where the latest efforts to facilitate wildlife passages over/under highways is going.  I'm very happy that they are focusing on the sagelands of Central and Eastern Washington, lands that I love to roam especially in the spring.  This gave me an opportunity to show some of the footage I've collected from out there over the years.  Check it out:

International Wildlife Film Festival

On April 16th, Cascade Crossroads screened at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana. Besides an appreciative audience, there was an engaging Q&A afterwards.  It was inspiring and humbling to be shown alongside so many world-class films and meet so many fantastic filmmakers.  The passion for wildlife and ecological issues was overflowing!  Many thanks to Craig and Alicia for putting me up for my stay, and to all the staff at IWFF for their hard work and hospitality.

The Royal Room screening, February 20th, Seattle

This week was our very first public screening here in Seattle, shown to a sold-out audience at The Royal Room. Jen Watkins from Conservation Northwest introduced the film to a rousing audience, and it was followed by a panel discussion led by former Secretary of Transportation Doug MacDonald and included myself, Katie Ramine from the Woodland Park Zoo, and Mark Norman and Josh Zylstra from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

It's been a great pleasure to experience the reaction of audiences at these first screenings.

courtesy of Jen Watkins

courtesy of Jen Watkins

Selected for the International Wildlife Film Festival!

On behalf of all of the team behind Cascade Crossroads, I'm so proud to announce that our film has been accepted into this year's International Wildlife Film Festival, taking place in Missoula, Montana, April 14 - 22, 2018.

This will be our first film festival of we hope will be many in the coming months.  Screening details will be posted here as they become available.

Thank you IWFF!

courtesy of the International Wildlife Film Festival

courtesy of the International Wildlife Film Festival

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