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New projects completed

You hear that?  That's the sound of me exhaling after a long busy stretch completing several new projects to finish out the first quarter of 2015.  Let me show you...

I produced, directed and edited a case study for the Microsoft Azure team.  With an expert crew on location at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network on the University of Washington campus.

I edited coverage of the Microsoft Convergence 2015 conference in Atlanta.  This was my view for five full days (the beer was a welcome temporary addition at the end of the fourth twelve hour day while One Direction was playing in the arena, or as I called it the room next door.)

I shot a hilarious skit with Chris Cashman for an episode of The [206] . Here is the skit being shown at the live taping in Seattle.

Last but certainly not least, I wrapped up an ongoing project for Conservation Northwest, creating a video about their success in getting wildlife crossings included in highway improvements at Snoqualmie Pass.  It was featured at the annual auction last night, and I was very appreciate of the love, and hope it contributed to a successful and lucrative auction. Check it out on my Vimeo page.

Shooting the city skyline with I-90 in the foreground for the auction video, which didn't make the final cut, but was a fun shooting day anyhow.

There were other completed projects that will show up soon on other pages of this site.

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