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'Cascade Crossroads' documentary: Phase One complete

This winter our film making team (Sandy Asher, Kris Browne and myself) has completed the first phase of making our documentary on the story of wildlife passages came to be included in major highway renovations on I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass.

We now have ten new interviews filmed with people from all angles of the story: Brian White and Randy Giles of WSDOT, Patty Garvey Darda and Peter Singleton of the US Forest Service, Washington State Senator Curtis King of Yakima, Representative Judy Clibborn of Mercer Island, conservation leaders Mitch Friedman of Conservation Northwest, Jon Hoekstra of Mountains to Sound Greenway, and Gene Duvernoy of Forterra, and Janet Ray of AAA.

Additionally, I’ve spent many days shooting footage on the ground and in the air, flying with LightHawk pilot Lane Gormley and UAV operator Richard Gillette.

We are excited to begin shaping our story and to continue filming through the coming months. The film is scheduled to be completed later in 2017.

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